Scientific Equipment Development Institute (SEDI), Enugu

Scientific Equipment Development Institute (SEDI), Enugu is an institute supervised by NASENI. The institute is actively involved in research, development and popularization of science research results. It undertakes services relating to human capacity development and other relevant training in the field of science, engineering and Technology advancement in the nation. The research and development activities are geared towards stimulating the establishment of SMEs in line with the Federal Government initiative of diversifying the economy. The institute is equipped with qualified engineers, scientists, technologist and technicians. SEDI’s core value remains quality, excellence, discipline.


SEDI was formerly Federal Science Equipment Manufacturing Centre (FSEMC). In line with the NASENI initiative, the institute’s current mandate aims at developing products and technologies related to scientific equipment and other technical items including machinery and passing the final products on to the private sector for local mass production and commercialization. This is in addition to helping local industry in the areas of equipment maintenance, local manufacture of spare parts, machine design and machine building.


Federal Executive Council initiated SEDI in 1978 and mandated the Federal Ministry of Education to provide seed funding. The first phase of the project was commissioned on 11th May 1992; by the Head of State, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida. The factory has a 5-block multi product manufacturing complex with more than 10,000sq meters under roof. It currently has a product range in excess of 370 items. These include science equipment, transformer trainers and power units. The setting up of a new unit for machine design and machine building has expanded the activities of the institute to accommodate the local construction of some industrial machine for SMEs.


To contribute to the technological advancement of our country through Research and Development of science equipment.


To demonstrate the possibility of local manufacturing of variety of needed science equipment at affordable prices for the benefit of educational, industrial and research establishments, to design, develop and manufacture scientific equipment for the needs of medical, aviation, the surveying and navigation industry.

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