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PICTT/NASENI made good the pledge of floating the initiative of DELT-HER today in Abuja, a programme aimed at bridging the gender gap in engineering practice and enterprise development in the country.

he call for Proposals enlisting young female engineers into a corps of successful entrepreneurs in technology and engineering-based businesses took off, even as the President of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, Engr Margaret Aina Oguntala described the exercise as timely because it had taken 66 years of struggles for the womenfolk to break through the glass ceiling of producing a female President in an otherwise male-dominated engineering practice in the country. Statistics show that the global average female representation in Engineering is 28%, which is only a little above one in four, while in Nigeria, it is only 5%, where only 1 in 20 Nigerian Engineers is a woman. The DELT-HER initiative and call for Proposals which was launched today, 8th of March, in commemoration of the 2024 International Women’s Day Celebration at NASENI Headquatres, Abuja, will break down barriers experienced by women especially in engineering industry to avail them access to resources and opportunities for advancement through funding, while equipping them with requisite skills and mentorship support to thrive in their careers.

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