Electronics Development Institute (ELDI), Awka

ELDI is a Research Institute under National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure. The target of ELDI is to domesticate/innovate existing technologies in Electronics and Information Communication Technology. The worldwide electronic revolution has pushed numerous electronic products into Nigeria from outside the country. In fact, Nigeria is reputed to be the fastest growing electronic market especially with respect to Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

Our Vision

To build an organization that possesses full capability to technologically empower relevant SMEs to develop business, commercial products and services based on electronics required in the global market.

Our Mission

Re Engineering and Technology Adaptation Microprocessor, Embedded Programming Virtual Electronics Laboratory/ Experimentation, Products and Manufacturing System Development Technology, Empowerment of SMEs and Capacity Building Technology Transfer.

Our Mandate

The Mandate of ELDI is specifically in the area of research, production and reverse engineering with respect to the following six broad areas:

  • Re Engineering and Technology Adaptation
  • Microprocessor Embedded Programming
  • Virtual Electronics Laboratory/ Experimentation
  • Products and Manufacturing System Development Technology
  • Empowerment of SMEs Logic Gate Emulator Trainer
  • Capacity Building Technology Transfer

Products and Services

  • Educational
    • Logic Gate Emulator Trainer
    • Stand Alone PAS
    • PIC Dev. Board
    • Education Support System
    • Math Tutor
    • Nigerian Language Translator
  • House Hold
    • Logic Gate Emulator Trainer
    • 2KVA,3KVA, 10KVA, 50KVA & 100KVA Inverter
    • Gordian Automatic Voltage Regulation(Stabilizer)
    • Digital Weighing Scale
    • AC Rechargeable Lamp
    • 5w,12w & 15w Bulb
    • Automatic Change Over System
  • Sports and Leisure
    • Electronics Basketball Score Board
    • ELDI Football Information Display
  • Security
    • Metal Detector
  • General
  • Solar Street Light
  • Smart Control System
  • Services
    • Printed Circuit Board Production
    • Installation of CCTV
    • Training on Embedded System and General Electronics
    • Software Development
    • Training on JAVA, VB.NET, Web Design, etc.
    • Website Design