NASENI operates mainly through her Development Institutes, each of the Institutes has a unique mandate of Engineering Infrastructural development. At present, there are Ten (10) Development Institutes.

Each of the Development Institutes is headed by a Managing Director who is the Chief Executive of the Institute. The Managing Director is a Professional Engineer with proven experience in engineering practice, research, and development. The Institute Managing Director reports to the Executive Vice Chairman (EVC) at NASENI Headquarters in Abuja. These Institutes have developed various technologies some of which have been ceded to SMEs.

The Institutes and their mandates are:

  • Hydraulic Equipment Development Institute (HEDI), Kano with the mandate to develop and produce hydraulic and pneumatic machinery, materials, fittings, and their production systems, and the ceding of the technologies to SMEs.

  • Prototype Engineering Development Institute (PEDI), Ilesha with the mandate of developing engineering prototypes and their production systems and the transfer of these to private sector satellite industries.