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On Thursday, May 9, 2024, the Executive Vice Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI), Mr. Khalil Suleiman Halilu, unveiled a set of new NASENI products, developed in collaboration with technical partners, at a media briefing at the Agency’s headquarters in Abuja.

The products displayed at the media briefing by the EVC/CEO included NASENI 300 Watts LED Solar Street Lamp; NASENI Laptop, NASENI Lithium battery, NASENI solar irrigation pumps, and a NASENI Smartphone.

Since the briefing, the Agency has received a lot of interest from interested dealers and the general public, on the availability of these products. The Agency would like to inform the general public that all enquiries about bulk orders for the NASENI laptop, and the NASENI solar irrigation pump; and pre-orders for all the other products, should be emailed to:

Since assuming office as EVC/CEO of NASENI, Halilu has stressed the agency’s commitment to collaborating with private sector partners to bring high-quality household and industrial products to the market, drawing on NASENI’s technical expertise, and unparalleled ability to assist private sector players to unlock new markets across the country and abroad.

According to Halilu: “Our new model at NASENI is to do everything to conserve resources, avoid duplication of effort, and shorten go-to-market time. What this means is that whenever we find serious partners who are already operating in our areas of interest, we will work with and support them to improve their products and take these products to the
market. As a government agency, we are not out to compete with the private sector. Instead, we are here as partners and enablers, helping with everything from design, to testing, to helping scale up production capacity, and seeking out new markets.”

 Over time, the NASENI vision is that its domestic product manufacturing initiatives will transition from “Semi-Knocked Down” (SKD) assembly, to “Completely Knocked Down” (CKD) assembly. In addition, there will be a concerted effort to increase the input of locally-sourced materials in all product components. NASENI will also work to ensure the full transfer of all required Intellectual Property (IP) and technology elements and licensing.

NASENI pledges to continue to keep the public updated on the progress of this transformational industrial journey, which is a direct manifestation of the agency’s 3 core operating principles of Collaboration, Creation and Commercialization.

“As the only purpose-built agency of the Federal Government of Nigeria with a technology transfer mandate, NASENI will always focus on progressively scaling-up local-content sourcing, and strengthening domestic technical and production capacity,” says Halilu.


Olusegun Ayeoyenikan

Director of Information



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