The Executive Vice Chairman/Chief Executive of National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI), Engr. Prof. M. S. Haruna FAEng, FNSE, FIET stated this when he led NASENI’s technical team for a courtesy visit to the Proforce Intelligence Systems Manufacturing Facility in Ode Remo, Ogun State on Wednesday 13th April, 2022.

Prof Haruna said the purpose of the visit was to familiarize himself with the activities of Proforce and to discuss the way forward and work plan for taking this new partnership between NASENI and Proforce to the next level.

The NASENI HELMSMAN noted that his long-term goal for this partnership is that of jointly achieving key global technological feats, over the next few years that would help shape the next industrial revolution, not only for Nigeria but also with a multiplier effect around the world.

The areas of collaboration include:

  • Development of Software for Cellular Intelligence to be domiciled in Nigeria (which is of major interest)
  • Development of a Portable See-through Wall Reader
  • Development of a 3D See-through Wall Reader
  • Development of a Standard Wi-Fi Interception System
  • Manufacturing of Drones/Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • Development of Proforce BAM Trainer Aircraft
  • Development of Perimeter Surveillance Systems-Pro Barrier Perimeter Security System
  • Development of Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems
  • Localizing production of Suspensions, Brake Systems, Powertrain, Heating and Cooling systems, Gear, Chassis and engines
  • Production of Commercial Vehicle Run-Flat Tires
  • Production of Ballistic Glasses amongst others.

The Executive Vice Chairman said he is confident that the collaboration between NASENI and Proforce will bring to the fore, a wide range of new possibilities that otherwise might have been totally elusive.

“The current situation in Nigeria needs a leap in our innovation outputs. It is my hope that this union with Proforce and the dialogue that it stimulates, will help us achieve that leap, not just to manage the challenges of 2022, but to better prepare for other kinds of challenges that lie ahead,” he said.

While concluding, he said NASENI has contributed immensely to the technological development of the nation by employing a variety of innovative methodologies and approaches, including extensive consultations with a wide range of governmental and non-governmental experts, as we are doing here today with Proforce. One of the key drivers of global change in Science and Technology. Therefore, NASENI and Proforce coming together will not only change Nigeria but would change the world.

On his part, the Group Managing Director (GMD), Mr. Ade Ogundeyin, thanked the EVC for identifying with them for partnership.  He illustrated in a PowerPoint presentation through his technical assistant the ability and capability of the company. He said this is the best time for the collaboration and sought more synergy between critical stakeholders.