In a bid to commercialize its products, the Scientific Equipment Development Institute (SEDI) has taken steps to obtain patent for all its breakthroughs. Established in 1992 to provide science infrastructure, equipment and capacity building for scientists and innovators, SEDI has intervened in other sectors like education-production of science equipment, laboratory apparatus for physics and trainer kits. Aside scientific equipment, the Institute located in Minna in Niger State has ventured in the last one year, into production of non-Ballistic Helmet for use by the military. The Managing Director of the Institute Prof. Mohammed Ndaliman disclosed that other military related equipment produced by the institute include: Riffle Magazine Cupping Device and Military Suptus Box where some military items could be stored. Prof Ndaliman who spoke with Innovation Nigeria Online news in Minna said with meagre resources at its disposal “SEDI has produced Mechatronics Training Kit, Advanced Digestive Module, Four Station Multi-Colour Screening Printing Machine, Triple Stand, Leather Production Machine. Biological Module, Multi-Purpose Mobile Cart and other scientific equipment. This is addition to the Institute’s giant strides to produce scientific equipment for academic institutions from primary to tertiary levels. SEDI Minna, under Ndaliman has done its best in the last ten years through repositioning of SEDI to produce needed laboratory equipment and to stop importation of same to the nation’s academic institutions. The efforts so far according to Prof Ndaliman would certainly provide the needed foundation for scientific growth and development of Nigeria and as well stop waste of huge resources on importation of products that can be sourced and purchased at cheaper rates within the country. In the last few years, SEDI has produced Mechatronics Training Kit used as teaching aid for Mechatronics Engineering students in schools, and also the Electroplating Trainer Kits also used for teaching how Electroplating from various metallic products takes place. The Institute has just concluded the production of Senior Secondary Science Kits (SSK). “We have developed the field for evaluation in some schools so that we can get field back from them. Over the year we have produced some scientific equipment and part of it include the Digestive Model. It is used to teach how digestion takes place in the body; it is an electronic teacher where you don’t need any body teaching you the process of digestion” 4-STATION SCREEN PRINTING MACHINE “We also produced what we called Force Board. You will recall in physics; we use it to teach movement from a particular point. It is a universal for studying various forces in physics. There are several others like Temperature Data Logger used for the study of converting temperature of a body or place and recently we also produced what is called IOT Based Weather Station. This is used in the study of weather in a particular place which can be accessed online through cloud, that is, from anywhere you are in the world” he said Prof. Ndaliman expressed hope that the bid by SEDI to commercialize its products would succeed in the nearest future, noting that some institutions are currently using SEDI’s products in their laboratories while some have placed orders for the products. The Managing Director hinted that the quality of scientific equipment produced at the institute can compete favourable with imported products, while disclosing that some academic institutions rely more on imported products because there is no deliberate policy of government banning importation of scientific equipment that could be sourced locally. In the last one year, SEDI had embarked on patenting process, quite a number of the products are in the first stage for them to scale the Intellectual Property right criteria. Once that is achieved, the stage of ceding the technology and the production process to entrepreneurs will follow. “But before the entrepreneurs come, we are also using the products” he said. The Institute has an innovation in the area of printing which is already in use. The Institute uses such strategy to overcome challenge of low level of commercialization” In the area of infrastructure for training and retraining of Entrepreneurs, Prof. Ndaliman said the Institute has built and furnished an Entrepreneur Development Centre otherwise known as President Mohammadu Buhari Youth Empowerment Centre. The Managing Director described the Centre as Entrepreneurial hub where youths are trained on various skills to be on their own in the future. Conducting Innovation Nigeria Correspondents round the Centre in Minna, the Managing Director said aside the non-ballistic helmet, the “institute has entered into collaboration with the military on production of science equipment and products. Some of them he disclosed are currently in the Ministry of Defense for examination” In the nearest future and if time permits, Prof Ndaliman said he would like to achieve full commercialization of products and Innovations highlighted above. The SEDI boss said before leaving office “I would be thinking of full commercialization of our products and Innovations. The property rights have been granted to us. You know the advantage of this is that when we have these products commercialized, SEDI and the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) by implication will be getting a number of commissions from the production of the various products” Some of the products and equipment sighted at the centre include: fabricated Laboratory apparatus for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Introductory Technology and Integrated Sciences. Aside these, he stated that the centre is also equipped with Computer based ICT Facilities, Catering and Hotel Management Training Equipment, Arabic Calligraphy, Shoe and Bags Making tools as well as Tailoring/Fashion Design equipment.