“NASENI has Leadership Roles to Play in the Development of Infrastructure for Nigeria”- says Prof. Bugaje.

Professor Ibrahim Bugaje, Rector, Federal Polytechnic, Kaduna has reiterated the Leadership roles which NASENI has to play in facilitating the development of engineering infrastructure and innovations for the overall economic advancement of Nigeria.

Prof. Bugaje was the guest speaker on NASENI Day at the on going FMST Technology and Innovation Expo 2021.

Speaking on the theme: Science and Engineering Infrastructure: Panacea for Sustainable Economic Recovery, he observed it was high time the nation recognised the need for science and engineering innovations in national development because other nations such as Brazil and South Korea, who were at par in development with Nigeria after independence had moved far ahead technologically because of their unrelenting efforts in investment in Science, Technology and Innovations.

To achieve national development, he called on NASENI to ensure that it works harder to move the nation to the next level so that Nigeria could be at par with Brazil, South Korea, and Indonesia in the shortest possible time.

The Executive Vice Chairman/Chief Executive of NASENI, Professor Mohammed Sani Haruna while speaking earlier stated that the Agency was doing a need-based research and development for sustainability of the national economy.

According to Prof.Haruna “the occasion of NASENI Day was to afford the Agency the opportunity to showcase, in a special way, the technologies, products and services indigenously developed by the Agency to stakeholders, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), entrepreneurs and the general public with the aim of attracting investors and investment for commercialisation and mass production of developed technologies, products and services.

Prof. Haruna stated that NASENI had been at the forefront of adopting science and engineering infrastructure to turn ideas into goods and services with a view to ensuring that Nigeria’s economy was diversified and to enhance the growth of a diversified economy through the commercialisation of its research results which has to be achieved through creation of an enabling knowledge- driven environment for local mass production of goods and services.

The capital goods, he said, were required for the nation’s technology advancement; provision and use of Advanced Manufacturing Technology(AMT) facilities across the country for the production of high quality goods and services among others.

“We are not relenting in achieving all of these, that is why we have the slogan, “Ask us first”, said the EVC.

NASENI came to the FMST 2021 techno Expo with several star products,some of them included: Three Stage Cascaded Transformer, Power Management System, Energy Consumer Monitoring Metre, Programmable Timer Switch, Nigerian Language Translator Software Translator.

Others were Electronics Science Kits for Technical and Tertiary Institutions, Integrated Rice Destoning Machine, Touchless Automatic Hand Washing Machine, Rice Milling Machine, Rice Polishing Machine, Plug-and-Play Solar Home system, Solar Power Trainer and many more.

Olusegun Ayeoyenikan
Deputy Director, Information

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