The Executive Governor of Nasarawa State, Engr.Abdullahi A. Sule has urged other Agencies and parastatals of Governments both at the Federal and State levels to emulate the development strides going-on at the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) to bring development directly to the people.

At the occasion of the second phase of the nationwide-distribution of Save 80-Efficient Cooking Stove to households which took place in Nasarawa State Government house, Lafia and Akwanga today, the Governor said “nations are built by institutions but also institutions are to be built directly by humans. Leaders’ commitment and dedication to the ideals of such institutions are for the benefits of the people and nothing else.”

The first set of NASENI’s environment-friendly cooking stoves with wonder pots were distributed a fortnight ago amongst women which took place at the NASENI headquarters, located at the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Abuja.

Governor Sule said “what Nigeria is witnessing today with NASENI is the direct outcome of putting a round peg in a round hole with the appointment of Prof. M.S Haruna as NASENI Chief Executive, as demonstrated in the transformations that had taken place in NASENI under him as helmsman of the Agency.

The Governor commended the Agency under Professor Haruna that “it is indeed a new NASENI and some of the things observed in the Agency currently ought to have been done several decades ago, but now on-going, because of the visionary leadership of Prof. Haruna, it is better late than never. NASENI is now led by one who understood the crucible of institutional development interventions and the mandate of the Agency, NASENI is now back on track. He stressed further saying “if only the management of NASENI would continue at this pace then in no distant future, real time development will begin to come to Nigeria and its people”

“I have observed keenly the developments and interventions that are going-on in NASENI and I had cause to discuss with President Muhammadu Buhari about the developments at the Agency, and I can confirm to everyone that the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is very pleased with the various developmental strides, research and developmental works that are on-going at the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure” Said Governor Sule.

Adding, he affirmed, that the President of the Country was highly impressed with the transformations that are going on in NASENI under the leadership of Engr.Prof.M.S Haruna. Therefore he urged the EVC/CE and NASENI management to continue in this path of progress and restoration of hope of a possible industrial revolution of the country soon.

The Executive Vice Chairman of NASENI at the Nasarawa State Government House disclosed that the distributions of the Save 80-Efficient Cooking distribution carried out today was for Nasarawa North and South Senatorial Zones totaling One thousand One hundred and fifty (1,150), about 350 Units of save 80-efficient Cooking stoves had been distributed to 350 households earlier in the day in Nasarawa North Senatorial District in Akwanga Local Government Area of the State.

NASENI and Atmosfair Germany designed and manufactured the Save 80 Efficient Cooking Stove and the wonder pots being distributed to the women nationwide. Atmosfair Germany, a non-governmental organization (NGO) is on a mission to save the environment from further deforestation and desertification. The working collaboration between NASENI and the German organization, according to professor Haruna, received gracious approval of President, Muhammadu Buhari.

One of the interests of NASENI in the Project, according to Prof. Haruna was not only to save the environment from continuous deforestation and conservation of the vegetation flaura and fauna but also “to reach out to these less privileged women especially now that house-hold incomes are shrinking and the rural women have the difficulties of meeting their energy needs to prepare meals for their families.”

The Executive Vice Chairman of NASENI further pledged the Agency’s commitment to a continuous support for the upliftment of the rural areas through the introduction of innovative products, technology, machines and equipment to boost the economies of the rural areas in line with the mandate of the Agency. In addition to the save 80-Efficient Cooking Stove and the wonder pots, Prof. Haruna announced the donation to each beneficiary of the products the sum of N10,000 naira for the logistics of returning to their various villages and towns after receiving the products.

The women were filled with joy as they received the products from the State Governor and the NASENI Executive Vice Chairman.

Mr. Olusegun Ayeoyenikan
Deputy Director, Information