NASENI Management led by the EVC Engr Prof Mohammed Sani Haruna on a working visit to the Executive Governor of Katsina State, Rt Hon Aminu Bello Masari at the Government House in Katsina State.


Katsina state To Collaborate with NASENI To Establish Engineering Materials Development Institute for Economic Prosperity

A pragmatic approach to effectively promote Katsina State to join other front line economic viable states was unveiled today when the National Agency for Science & Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) & Katsina State Government agreed to establish ‘Engineering Materials and Equipment Development Institute (EMEDI)’.

The Executive Governor of Katsina State, Aminu Masari hosted the NASENI delegation led by Engr. Professor M. S. Haruna, the Executive Vice Chairman of the Agency. The emerging collaboration is expected to deliver among others, Skills Training and development of youths, Silicon-Glass research and several minerals development and Solar Cell Research & Development, which have been corroborated as the thrust mandate of the new Institute-EMEDI in Katsina State.

Governor AMINU MASARI was impressed by NASENI’s achievements as intervention agency through its home initiated and home – grown technologies for industrialization that will yield mass job creation and economic wellbeing of the nation. He said the emergence of EMEDI in Katsina should rapidly reduce youth’s crime rate and also harness the vast minerals resources for improved internal revenue and self-reliance.

 “No nation or society can develop without investing in research and development or innovations” Said Governor MASARI. He said further “this particular feat was What China attained to move from an extremely poor nation to current global reckoning of economic advancements”

The Governor said he had been to China and many of the Asian Countries. He disclosed that he had carefully observed the secrets of the Chinese and other developed Nations. “Their secrets simply are massive investments in Science, technology and innovations”

“There is nothing stopping Nigeria from doing the same through a well funded NASENI systems particularly in developing research-proof of concept plants across the country as is about to happen in Katsina state. he added. 

He said “until we begin to approach things differently and tackle poverty headlong through the use of the nation’s intellectuals, technicians, Professors, Engineers and scientists, all efforts to tackle unemployment, create jobs or control criminal activities would continue to be evasive.

According to the Governor, this new approach is what informed the collaborative efforts with NASENI which commenced today.

I believe in Nigeria and Nigeria experts. I don’t want foreigners alone to provide the technical supports needed for the development of the State. That is why we have turned to NASENI for this critical need. And I know that the Agency can deliver looking through their track records of achievements, some of which were presented earlier by the Executive Vice Chairman of the Agency, Professor Haruna.

NASENI is a federal Government Agency with the mandate to carry out home-grown research and development, design and production of Reversed engineering on capital goods and equipment or machinery required for industrial development of the country. 

The new Institute (EMEDI) will immediately embark on Solar Cell Research and development and the fabrication of Equipment and Machinery towards exploration of the Silica minerals and glassware, Ceramics and other composite resources in the State.

In its presentation earlier. Prof Haruna explained that Katsina STATE with its rich minerals resources in Silica could host Nigeria’s own Silicon Valley reputed for being the center of electrical and electronic innovations in the United States of America.

He said the citing of Silicon Valley in USA came because of the abundance of Silica in their land, the same materials currently found in Katsina state but not put into any productive use.

Prof Haruna said that NASENI was being challenged by the new tasks by Katsina Government to set up the new Institute to address the hydra-headed issue of poverty in the midst of plenty, which had become a common feature across States of the Federation. 

He said until governments in Nigeria begin to practically invest in research and development, technology and innovation, unfortunately the people would continue to  experience poverty atop abundance or resources untapped on the soil.

“we need technology, we need human capacity, scientists, engineers, all professionals in practical ways to process all mineral deposits into products, goods and services in order to address poverty and to create jobs for the teaming youths both in Katsina, States in the North, and generally nationwide.


Olusegun Ayeoyenikan.
Deputy Director, Information.

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