Recall that the Agency received officials from the Newfoundland University Canada (NUC), who were on official visit to collaborate with the Agency. Following a successful bilateral discussions, the University offered the agency study fellowship (2) opportunity to begin from Fall 2020. The special fellowship program will be conducted both in Newfoundland (two years) and NASENI (two years). Cost of sponsorship will be borne by both parties. Consequently, the Executive Vice Chairman/CE set up a Committee to urgently come up with criteria and modalities for selection of candidates System Wide to benefit from the fellowship.

2. Membership Committee

  1. Engr. Prof. M. Dauda                       (MD AMT-P)                 Chairman
  2. Engr. Prof. S. N. Ndubuisi                (MD SEDI-E)                 Member
  3. Engr. Dr. I. O. Abdulmalik               (MD HEDI- Kano)        Member
  4. Mr. Ado Galadima Sai                       Ag. D(SI)                       Secretary

3.  Invitation for Application

          Applications are invited from qualified staff within the NASENI system for a four year fellowship program at the Newfoundland University/NASENI for Fall 2020 in the following areas of interest:

  1. Autonomous vehicle
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Aircraft and Aeronautic engineering (general)
  4. Advanced manufacturing technology/nanotechnology
  5. Oceanic and marine engineering,
  6. Next production generation

4. Selection Criteria

  1. Candidates must be of unquestionable character with excellent and consistent records in discharge of their responsibilities, punctuality to work, R&D activities, etc.
  2. All interested applicants must be recommended by their Managing Directors
  3. Interested candidates are to submit the following:
    1. A summary of research proposal of not more than 2000 words, stating clearly the Theme, Background, Objectives/Goals, Expected Outcome(s) of the study.
    2. Certified academic transcript (Bachelor and Master Degrees) to be addressed to the EVC/CE Attention: Chairman Selection Committee, NASENI – NUC Collaboration.
    3. Attach photocopy of all credentials/academic certificates including birth certificate/sworn age affidavit and indigene certificate.
  4. Successfully screened candidates will be subjected to further assessments in form of written and oral examination.

5. Interested Candidates are to forward their applications within Two weeks of this notice to:

The Executive Vice Chairman/CE
Abuja, FCT
Attention: Chairman Selection Committee
NASENI – NUC Collaboration