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National Engineering Design Development Institute – NEDDI, Nnewi

National Engineering Design Development Institute (NEDDI) (formerly National Engineering Design Development Centre (NEDDEC)), Nnewi, Anambra State, is one of the research Institutes of National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI).


National Engineering Design Development Institute (NEDDI) (formerly National Engineering Design Development Centre (NEDDEC)), Nnewi, Anambra State, is one of the research Institutes of NASENI. Realizing the need to input engineering design principles into the operations of SMEs to accelerate the pace of manufacturing of quality goods and services in Nigeria, the Federal Government decided to set up a centre to develop human capacity nationwide in engineering design. Nnewi was chosen as the location because of the huge number of industrial activity going on in the area. The Centre was commissioned on 14th May 1999. Skeletal operations began at the Centre in 2001 with the deployment of staff from NASENI headquarters.

The Centre

The Centre was upgraded to an Institute status in the year 2006, it was renamed from National Engineering Design Development Centre (NEDDEC) to National Engineering Design Development Institute (NEDDI).


To develop engineering design capacity in the country and dissemination of same to small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs), with a view to ensuring that made in Nigeria products are competitive and globally acceptable.


To enhance the quality standards of made in Nigerian products through sound engineering design


To be the best engineering design Institute in Africa with highly productive and motivated staff whose products rank among the best in the world.


The Institute collaborates with allied Institutes as well as tertiary Institutions, associations or societies locally and abroad with a view to actualize its mandate. Presently, NEDDI maintains collaboration with the following organizations:

  1. National Association of Engineering Craftsmen (NAEC) – NEDDI provides the platform on which the rank and file of the association members are trained in modern engineering software like AutoCAD and 3D Home Architect.
  2. The Federal Polytechnic Nekede – Our Institute is currently partnering in an R&D work into a tricycle for the physically challenged with the school.
  3. Anambra State University Uli (ANSU) – Apart from benefitting from the Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMT) programme of NASENI headquarters, NEDDI is collaborating with ANSU in the design and fabrication of a 10ton hydraulic press for close die forging.
  4. University of Benin – The Institute is collaborated with the University of Benin in the design and production if component parts of the made in Nigeria motorcycle using the CY 80 model. To this end, an MoU has been signed.
  5. Technology Incubation Centre (TIC) Nnewi – NEDDI partners with TIC Nnewi in the training of individuals and entrepreneurs in basic engineering design and computer aided design in the Nnewi light engineering cluster.
  6. Standard Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM) – Our Institute is a party to a subsisting MoU that was signed by NASENI headquarters for cooperation in the area of training and capacity development in CAD/CAM.
  7. University of Ilorin on Aerodynamic separator;
  8. Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm Research (NIFOR) Benin in the area of bio-fuel production.
  9. National Research Institute for Chemical Technology (NARICT) Zaria.
  10. Industrial Training Fund on the training of technical personnel. These partnerships however, are in the incubation stages.
  11. CUTIX Cables Plc.


NEDDI OFFICE COMPLEX , at its commissioning in May 2009 was at Nnofor town hall, a community hall in Nnewi. The land has an average area of 5,000m2. The complex was completed in 2008 and staff moved in in 2009.

  1. Administrative Block. It houses some of the Directorate Units, boardroom, Administrative Department, Accounts Department, Technology Business Development Department and other staff offices.
  2. Administrative Annex Block. This building houses the Conference Hall Planning Unit, ICT Unit and other staff offices.
  3. Research and Development Block. Some of the Institutes high-tech machines for advanced manufacturing and research are housed in this building. These include a Virtual Manufacturing Laboratory (VML), A High Power Computing Centre (HPC), A library, Manual Drafting Room and Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMT) Centre which includes Machines like Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Lathes, a CNC Vertical Milling Machine, Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM) and a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), etc. the VML and HPC houses 24 and 12 high capacity workstations respectively for design and Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) work. The building block also houses R&D departmental staff offices.
  4. Manufacturing Services Block This block houses some manual basic fabrication machines; Vertical Milling, Surface Grinding, Conventional Lathe (C8C capacity), Standing Drilling, Hydraulic Press and Band Saw machines. Others are Table Drilling Machine, Shaping Machine, several Wielding Machines and other tools for the Institutes Reverse Engineering and Innovation programme. Seven office rooms are available for Manufacturing and Production (M&P) department engineers, technologists, technicians and craftsmen.
  5. Engineering Services Block Similar in configuration to Manufacturing and Technology block, offices rooms are available are available for engineers, craftsmen and technicians. This block also houses a workshop where some of the Institutes research work is put into practice. Some of the Institutes research work over the years is also on display in the workshop.
  6. Foundry Workshop the Institute currently boosts of a 100kg rotary furnace she acquired in 2005. Installation is at an advanced stage recently with two Induction furnaces of 250kg each, recently acquired by the Institute.
  7. A block houses the office canteen that caters for all cadre of staff, managed by and independent caterer
  8. The entire NEDDI complex is powered by a 350KVA sound-proof alternative power source (plant) donated to her by NASENI headquarter. A 300KVA, 33KV, 0.415KV transformer complements the power source. Water is supplied to the Institute’s complex by a dedicated borehole. .


The Institute has been acquiring state-of-the-art machines and equipment in the areas of engineering design, CAD/CAM and foundry.

  1. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Lathe Machines
  2. CNC Vertical Milling Centre (VMC)
  3. An Electric Discharge Machine (EDM)
  4. Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
  5. Two 250kg induction furnace
  6. A 100kg rotary furnace
  7. Varying welding machines
  8. Surface grinding machine
  9. Manual lathe, borers and shapers
  10. A dedicated 350KVA power generating plant a 33KVA transformer
  11. A Virtual Manufacturing Laboratory (VML) with 20 computers fully loaded with the most recent engineering and other software.
  12. A High-Powered Computer (HPC) Centre with 10 high power computers and servers.
  13. Manual drafting Centre
  14. Library
  15. 100 capacity Conference Centre.
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