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Infinite Possibilities: Economic Transformation through advancement in Technology Transfer and Adaptation

In true reflection of making NASENI and its institutes aligned with the newly proclaimed strategic launchpad as announced by the visionary EVC/CEO, Mr. Khalil Sulieman Halilu, Infinite Possibilities: Economic Transformation through Advancement in Technology Transfer and Adaptation, the EVC/CEO, along with his worthy team, which included the Special Assistant to the EVC/CEO on Administration, Mr. Abubakar, and other important cerebral personalities, visited the Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Development Institute, Lafia today, January 16, 2024, to have an on-the-spot assessment of the facilities there present. Welcomed by the highly surprised yet elated Project Manager, Engr. Usman Mustapha, on the visit, the team was shown around the Administrative Block, the Production/Assembly Workshop, the Research Laboratory, and the Processing Workshops. In the course of this tour, the highly versatile and charismatic EVC/CEO inquired about the machines and equipment available while also using the same opportunity to air his opinions on what could have been done better in the course of constructing the workshops, based on his experience and expertise, having visited state-of-the-art processing plants where modern food production and food processing technology techniques are available globally. The opportunity was seized by the project manager, AMEDI, to notify the highly attentive EVC/CEO on the other equipment needed to ensure production starts soon, with a positive green light almost received instantly as the EVC/CEO promised to take action on it earnestly and visit once more, very soon. The visitation, in no small way, motivated and inspired the staff, daring to do more, especially as the year’s anniversary of AMEDI’s commissioning is in a matter of days.

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