Rice Polisher Machine

5 Watts Energy LED Bulb

The 5W Energy Saving LED bulb is an ultra-bright LED bulb that saves up to 90% of energy while delivering excellent illumination. In comparison with other lamps available in the market, our research result showed that the ELDI 5W bulb is the most efficient. The operating voltage is set between 50-300Vac, this will prevent damage due to unstable and fluctuating power supply. The bulb’s cover is made up of plastic material, thus preventing breakage in case of a fall or other impact. This LED energy-saving bulb provides a better and more reliable lighting solution for the users. Besides this, the fact that the bulbs are ultra-bright will reduce greatly the heavy consumption/load on the national grid due to the use of incandescent bulbs and substandard energy bulbs. No emission of poisonous gases or mercury as in some other energy-saving bulbs. Target: Energy Sector.

Multi Feed Mill

SEDI-E Multi Feed Mill is a continuous extrusion-drying-cooling process plant. It consists of an externally heated extruder and dryer-cooler unit with instrument and intelligent controls of the operating parameters. It has the ability to produce feed for animals (like fish, poultry, and pigs) at different growth stages. It can also process both co-products and conventional feed ingredients, helping individual farmers to produce their own feed. It helps increase Animal Feed manufacturing for sale and can be employed by Research Institutes to check the processibility of various feed ingredients. Also, the plant can serve as a training facility to train young entrepreneurs or employees on feed manufacturing operations and management. The target is farmers in Agro and Allied Industries.

Rice Milling Machine

Rice Polisher: Rice Polisher is a post-harvest rice processing machine that is used for whitening and improving the quality of rice. It functions by the action of an abrasive roller and leather pad on rice grains to produce high-quality refined rice.

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