What does NASENI stand for?

NASENI is an acronym for the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure.

When was NASENI established?

The National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) was established in 1992 by the Federal Government of Nigeria following the recommendations of the White Paper Committee on the 1991 Report of a 150-member National Committee on Engineering Infrastructure.

What is the Mandate of NASENI?

To develop the science, technology, and engineering infrastructure in Nigeria.

What is the vision of NASENI?

Fuelling Nigeria’s innovation for a sustainable future.

What are the core principles of NASENI?

Creation, Collaboration and Commercialization.

How does NASENI Deliver its Mandate?

Through our Development Institutes and companies, spread across the country.

What is NASENI's key strategic goal?

  • To accelerate Nigeria’s conomic growth, through technology transfer and  adaptation to critical sectors such as Renewable Energy, Agriculture, and Food Manufacturing.
  • To reduce Nigeria’s import bills by 25%, increase exports to N53.6 trillion by 2030 (from N26.8 trillion currently), lift 2.5 million people out of poverty, and generate over 3 million jobs by 2030.

How is NASENI transforming to support Nigeria’s economic growth?

NASENI is undergoing a significant transformation to become a major contributor to Nigeria’s economic development. The agency aims to create jobs, boost income generation, and increase foreign exchange reserves by accelerating economic growth through technology transfer and adaptation in critical sectors.

What Are NASENI's Key Goals as Part of the Federal Government’s Industrialization Drive?

  • To be the leading Science & Engineering Research & Development Agency.
  • To become the primary technology transfer, domestication, and commercialization Agency.

What strategic agenda will NASENI focus on to drive science and engineering infrastructure growth in five (5) years?  

  • Strategic Repositioning of the Agency’s operations.
  • Focus on strategic partnerships to create competitive, high-quality products and technologies.
  • Strategic Resource Mobilization.

What factors will NASENI consider when forming partnerships?

  • Financial contributions or risks
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Partner’s competence, track record & capabilities
  • Alignment of goals when establishing partnerships and joint ventures

For more information, please check out the NASENI partnership assessment framework from the Proposals Evaluation portal here.

What type of partners will NASENI prioritize engagements with?

  • Commercially focused partners
  • Collaboration with non-commercial entities may also be considered if in line with the Agency’s strategic goal and the potential impact of the collaboration.

Is NASENI involved in research and development (R&D)?

Yes, NASENI remains a primary R&D agency in Nigeria. However, the focus has shifted towards commercially viable R&D that aligns with the Federal Government’s Economic Transformation Agenda.

What are some examples of critical sectors NASENI is focusing on?

  • Manufacturing

  • Agriculture

  • Renewable Energy

  • Healthcare

What types of partnerships is NASENI looking to form?

  • Partnerships with established companies with existing expertise in manufacturing, technology development
  • Partnerships that involve technology transfer, joint production ventures, or commercialization of new technologies.
  • Start-ups and innovative companies with promising new technologies or ideas that align with NASENI’s strategic goals.
  • Research institutions and universities with expertise in specific scientific fields.

What are the benefits of partnering with NASENI?

  • Access to Funding
  • Government Support
  • Collaboration Opportunities
  • Market Access

How can businesses partner with NASENI?

By submitting a proposal via the Proposals Evaluation Portal.

How will NASENI's transformation impact my daily life?

  • Job Creation
  • Improved Services and Products
  • Increases Income Opportunities
  • Enhanced Quality of Life
  • Economic Stability
  • Environmental Benefits

What are some examples of specific projects NASENI is working on?

  • Developing Domestic Production Capabilities: NASENI is working on producing essential goods domestically, such as medical equipment, agricultural machinery, and building materials, reducing the need for imports.
  • Advancing Renewable Energy Technologies: The agency supports advancements in solar power and wind turbines to decrease reliance on fossil fuels and lower electricity costs.
  • Innovative Agricultural Solutions: Partnering with research institutions, NASENI is developing solutions to improve crop yields and enhance food processing techniques.
  • Local Manufacturing Collaborations: By collaborating with private companies, NASENI is helping to establish local manufacturing facilities for specific technologies, creating new job opportunities and boosting the domestic economy.

How can I get involved in supporting NASENI's goals?

  • Stay informed: Follow NASENI on social media platforms or subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on the projects and initiatives.
  • Support NASENI-backed businesses: Identify and patronize products or services offered by companies that have partnered with NASENI. This can indirectly contribute to the success of NASENI’s initiatives.
  • Consider a career path in relevant fields: If you are interested in science, technology, engineering, or innovation, consider pursuing a career path that aligns with NASENI’s focus areas. This could allow you to contribute directly to the development of new technologies and industries in Nigeria.

Does NASENI engage in international collaborations?

Yes, NASENI collaborates with international partners on projects that align with its strategic goal.

Does NASENI offer any training or incubation programs for businesses?

Currently, information on specific training or incubation programs offered by NASENI is limited.

Will NASENI continue to support basic scientific research?

Yes. NASENI acknowledges the importance of fundamental research as a foundation for future innovation, therefore it will continue to support some basic scientific research

How can researchers stay informed about NASENI's funding opportunities?

  • Subscribe to NASENI’s newsletter
  • Monitor NASENI’s website
  • Attend NASENI workshops or conferences

Does NASENI offer any fellowship or grant programs for researchers?

Not at the moment but once we do, you can be notified. Please stay tuned by:

  • Subscribing to NASENI’s newsletter
  • Monitoring NASENI’s website
  • Attending NASENI workshops or conferences

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