NASENI Centre of Excellence in Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials



The development and acquisition of new technology which include nanotechnology in within the mandate of NASENI. Nigeria began the journey in this all important field in 2006 through NASENI with the organization of an international workshop on National Nanotechnology Programme (NNI) at Transcorp Hilton Hotel and Towers Abuja. At this junction, it is important to recall that Executive Vice Chairman/Chief Executive (EVC) of NASENI Engr. Prof. M.S. Haruna immediately on assumption of duties recognized the important of Nanotechnology and promptly took a bold step further by setting up a center called NASENI Centre of Excellence in Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (NASENI CoEx-NA) with the sole aim of assembling efforts, integrating people, promoting interdisciplinary research and capacity building for development and domestication of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials in the country. In the interim the center is domiciled within EMDI Complex, Akure and its vision, mission, mandate, programmes and activities include


To be a world class centre for research, teaching, learning and application of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials


To develop relevant capacity for teaching, learning and application of new and emerging frontiers of nanoscience, nanotechnology and advanced materials for producing better trained and highly skilled graduates and researchers, required for achieving increased product driven researchers and cutting-edge research outputs.


The mandate of NASENI CoEx-NA is to make available in the country a critical mass of skilled personnel in the areas of nanotechnology, nanoscience and advanced materials. Major areas relevant to the country’s need are the core mandates of the centre they include:

  1. Nanomedicine (disease detection and treatment, nanoparticles and BioMEMS)
  2. Nanoelectionics/Nanoenergy (chips, integrated systems, solar cells, and light emitting devices).
  3. Nanogenomics (drought resistant seeds, food preservation and genomics)
  4. Nano-structured Materials (Nanoporous fibres, bio-oxidants, nanophosphors etc)


  1. Develop outreach activities, seminars, conferences, workshop in collaboration with national and international organization.
  2. Exchange programmes among Similar institutions both locally and internationally to cross fertilize ideas and competence.
  3. Provision of work space for select distinguish researchers within and outside country for execution of grants projects.
  4. Co-sponsor projects that will be published in leading international journal of repute.
  5. Develop and co-ordinate research oriented studies in interdisciplinary themes
  6. Explore and activate relevant bilateral and Multilateral agreements on emerging technology and new materials
  7. Pursue a three prongs capacity building concept namely human resource development, institutional development and legal framework development
  8. Consultancy services: for Research Institutes University, Private sectors, Multinational (eg Sample analysis, result interpretation and project design in area of Nanotechnology and Advanced Material)


Among Several advancements the centre has made and support provided in nanotechnology space of the country, remarkable breakthroughs have been achieved in nanomedicine with development of nanoparticles and nano-micro materials matrixes for medical device utilization and for cancer treatment

Currently, the centre is upgrading its research framework and capacity in the area of

  1. Design and synthesis of nanophosphors and nano-improved phosphors for medical dosimetry
  2. Research into the development of nanomaterials and nanocapsule for biomedical application and disease targeting
  3. Synthesis of agro nanomaerials such as nano fertilizer
  4. Research and development of nano materials based solution for protection and preservation
  5. Research into production of nanomaterials for printing application
  6. Research into engineered fibre based materials.


The center is a world class research centre equipped with state of art equipment for nanotechnology and advance materials research and development programmes. The facilities domiciled at the center include:

  • Vibrating Sample Magnetometer
  • Dip-Pen Nanolithography
  • Bioflux Shear Assay System
  • RF/DC Magnetron
  • Ion Sputter Coating System
  • Thermogravimetric analyzer/Differential Scanning Calorimeter
  • Scanning Electron Microscope
  • X-ray Diffractometer
  • Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence spectrometer
  • UV/VIS Spectrometer
  • Fourier Transform Infrared
  • Plasma Cleaner
  • Nano Indenter System
  • Digital Fluorescence Inverted Microscope
  • High temperature Ash Furance
  • High Temperature Annealing Furance
  • Compact Vacuum Chamber Furance
  • Keithley Instruments for Electrical Characterization
  • Nanospec Thin Film measurement System
  • Scanning Probe Microscope and
  • Clean room

Other supporting facilities includes

  • 150 KVA Generator
  • 25 KWA solar power station for 24hrs uninterrupted power supply to center.